Drugstore Haul!

Hey Everyone! So I have had a few requests to make a haul video and so I decided to grab some makeup to film this video.

I didn’t grab much but I hope you enjoy! I have a tutorial coming soon. I am not quite sure what to call it though. If you all get any ideas for videos, PLEASE let me know. My brain is so blocked. I literally have NO Ideas! Anyways, Hope this was somwhat helpful!

~ The Glossmoppet


Spring Inspired Romantic Eye Tutorial

Hey Everyone! I decided to create this look for spring and decided to be a little wild and use a shimmer shade on the lid. It is perfect for date night, going out with friends, or just every day wear. I hope you enjoy this eye makeup as much as I do. It is just so colorful, light and springy! Hope you try it out!

~ the Glossmoppet