My “Go To” Summer Makeup Look

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you have been doing well. Today I have decided to create my go to summer look for you all. I have been soooo obsessed with this combination lately. It is just so gorgeous! Hope you enjoy and try this look out!

~The GlossMoppet


Dewy Skin Summer Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everybody! Today I decided to create this tutorial that is light and simple for summer. I feel like it is great just for a normal day or even a day at the pool or the beach. Hope you try this look out and enjoy! (I also just got a twitter so come check it out @_talia_xoxox and if you followed me on instagram @theglossmoppet I deleted the account so you can follow me now @_talia_xoxox on instagram to see when new posts are coming live on youtube!)

Hope you try this look out!

~The Glossmoppet

The Power of Makeup Challenge

Hey Everyone!

So I saw this tutorial and was completely inspired. I decided to recreate the look to prove you can wear a lot of makeup because you enjoy doing your makeup not because you look better in makeup or the idea of being insecure for wearing too much makeup. The reason I did this was to show that I don’t care what other people think of me and how it is just fun to do makeup. If you would have asked me to do this challenge a year ago I would have said yeah, sure, why not? But if you would have asked me to post it on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or any other form of social media I would have told you there was no way that I would post that picture. I would not even go out in public where I knew people with out my makeup done. Creating a YouTube channel and this blog helped me see that it does not matter what other people think of you and if doing what you love makes you happy! So go ahead and just “Unleash the beast!”. Anyways I hope you decide to recreate this look and become as inspired as I was; because let me tell you just how shocked I was with the outcome.  I didn’t even realize how much  of a different person I look like when I have my makeup done. Hope you Enjoy!!!

~The GlossMoppet

Here is my finished product. On the right side of your screen is just moi, on the left shows the Power of Makeup!