Simple Summer Makeup

Hey Everyone! So I have created this look that can be worn by anyone and it is super super easy. When I was on vacation, I had spent a lot of time at a lake but I still wanted to look put together. So this is the look I had come up with; not only can this look be worn but just about everybody, it is super fast so it works great if you are in a hurry. This has been my “Go To” look lately. Anyways hope you enjoy the tutorial and hope that this could be of help to you at some point!

~The GlossMoppet


Summer Smokey Eye

Hey Everyone! I am so pumped and ready to be able to film again! I had some ideas to film before I left for vacation but then my lighting died and so I decided to renovate my room. So for the past couple of days I was able to get it somewhat presentable and got to install some lighting so hopefully my videos are a little better quality. Please make sure you comment if you want to see a Room Tour/Makeup Collection (Even though I don’t think my collection is all that big. But it is definitely a solid stash.)  when I have finished with everything! I also just got a new bag so i can do a “Whats In My Bag Video” if you want to see that too.

I thought I would create this look I used to wear back when I first started wearing makeup and thought it would be fun to recreate it now that my skills have grown to where I can present this look to the public and it would actually look nice instead of looking like dark colors exploded all over my eyes. So I hope you enjoy this smokey eye and recreate this look!

~The GlossMoppet

Hikari Blush: Tango


Hey Everyone! Hope you all have been having a good summer so far. Today’s Impression is on a Hikari blush I had gotton in my Ipsy bag. This blush is AMAZING!!!! It is Super pigmented and the color is wonderful for summer. This color can go with just about any look  and is super versatile on all different skin tones. If you are hunting for a nice high end blush, this is the way to  go!

~The GlossMoppet

Loreal LA Nude Palette 2


Hey Everyone! So today I have decided to write a review on this Palette. I have only used it a couple of times but I have to say it is decent quality for a drugstore palette. This Palette works for any eye color and just about any skin tone because it is mainly shades of purple for a smoldering smokey eye. I also like how it has different looks on the back for everyone to try that show you directly where to put the colors just so you get a good feel for the colors in the palette. Hope you try it out and love it as much as I do.

~The GlossMoppet

Nyx Primer: Shine Killer


Hey Everyone! Gosh, I have to find a new intro because I am getting real tired of typing this one. So today I decided to write an Impression for the Nyx Shine Killer Face Primer. Out of the many primers I have tried, this one seems to be the best. First I had gotten the Pore Filler which I thought was ok and actually forgot to pack it for my performance which is how I ended up grabbing the shine killer just to try something different. When Nyx says Shine Killer it is not lying. So far this is the best drugstore primer I have tried. It keeps you perfectly matte all day and with the combination of this primer and the Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation will give you a face makeup that doesn’t budge. Hope this was helpful.

~The GlossMoppet

Loreal Infallible Foundation


Hey Everyone! So somewhat of recently, -well not really recent…I am a little late on this review Sorry:(- I had picked up the Loreal Infallible Foundation because I have heard a lot of good reviews on it and thought I would try it out and write my own review on it. So after some time of trying this foundation out, it has become my one and only. This baby is like my Holy Grail Foundation. It is completely full coverage but fells light on the skin making it great for the summertime! The only thing I didn’t really like about it was how fast it set. It does HAVE to be blended really well because it does have the potential to be very patchy on the skin but it does dry very matte which is great in the summer time if you live somewhere Super Hot (cough cough Texas). This foundation is good because it doesn’t budge through out the day nor does it really come off. I usually only have to blot where I get oily once or twice depending on how long I have to wear the makeup. If you are looking for something that is long lasting this is the foundation for you. Hope this was helpful.

~The GlossMoppet

– Also I will be going out of town next week and I won’t have access to my camera, so I am going to apologize in advance for the lack of videos being posted within the next couple of weeks but I will have Impressions posted still on this blog.