Summer Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone! So summer is finally ending and it is driving me crazy! I really don’t want to go back to school in a week. So in order to have myself hold onto my summer just a little bit longer I thought I would create this tutorial to just have piece of mind that summer is not over yet. So I hope you all enjoy this super simple End of Summer Makeup Look.

~The GlossMoppet


Bronze Goddess Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone! So I was playing around with some bronze colors the other day and decided to create this tutorial for you! Hope you enjoy!

~The GlossMoppet

(So I don’t know why the thumbnail isn’t showing up so here is the finished look.)


First Impression: Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer


Hey Everyone! Hope your day has been going well. So just the other day I grabbed a Too Faced bronzer and I am so in LOVE. This bronzer is now my life. There is nothing in the world that I can say bad about this product. And boy does it smell great. When Too Faced said their chocolate line would smell good, they didn’t lie. This product is super pigmented and just blends flawlessly. They do come in different shades and I ended up getting the lighter one so i can have a nice soft contour. But this bronzer is now my current favorite. If you happen to be hunting for a bronzer to contour with, I would highly recommend this one!

~The GlossMoppet

The Link For Purchase:

Soft Smokey Eye

Hey Everyone! So I thought I would film this tutorial for you right before I went out with my friends. This look is perfect for just about anything. I also believe that is super amazing for someone who is just starting makeup and wants to try a smokey eye but doesn’t want it too extreme. Anyways hope you all enjoy!

~The GlossMoppet