My “Go To” Look for Fall 2015

Woohoo! Double Post Today!

So I decided that it would rock if I posted 2 tutorials today since I have been out of the blogging world for what feels like Forever! This look has been my go to look for fall because it is my favorite time of the year! I would talk about all of the pretty colors the leaves change only they don’t change color in Texas. They pretty much turn brown and fall off the trees in the winter. But it does get down to the 70’s so we get some decent weather. I swear if I keep talking about how much I like fall we would all be dead by the time the video starts. So now i am going to shut up so you can watch the tutorial for this gorgeous Makeup Look Inspired by Fall!


~The GlossMoppet


The Power of Makeup Part 2!

Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry I have been not posting recently. It has been so crazy busy with school and my classes are super hard. Anyways on a side note, I am back and ready to film for you all! I decided to film this look so you all could see this transformation unphotoshopped and to show this is totally for real. I have learned to love my face with or without makeup and decided to show this because makeup is fun! Like I mentioned before, I was so inspired when NikkiTutorials did this on her channel, I was like YESGIRL!! YES! So here is my version and I hope you all enjoy!