Halloween Tutorial #1

Hey Everyone! So as promised here is my first ever video Halloween tutorial! my favorite time of year because I Whoo, I am soo Pumped for Halloween! It is my favorite time of year because it gives me a real excuse to scare the pants off of people. So this tutorial has 2 sfx (Special Effects) basic skills that can and will help you make any kind of character. Cuts and Bruises. So I hope you enjoy and use this tutorial in your Halloween Look! I should have a character look coming soon. Comment if you have any ideas. I am still stuck between simple and scary or gore!

~The GlossMoppet


GRWM: Autumn Day Out

Hey Everyone!

So I just want to start this post out by saying thank you to all of you who have showed me love by commenting or liking any of my posts. It makes me just so happy to see that you all like the looks I create! Today’s look is a simple soft eye with a striking winged liner and a bold lippie! Hope you enjoy this look!

~The GlossMoppet

-Oh by the way this is totally off topic but I am hoping to film a Halloween tutorial since I have a thing for Special FX makeup! Let me know any thing you want to see!(Email me @ theglossmoppet@gmail.com or Tweet me your pix or just DM/Tag me on Insta!) –

GRWM: Fall Shimmer Eyes and Bold Lip

Hey Everyone! I hope the weather is treating you all well. Can I just say I LOVE FALL! Only it is just starting to get down to the eighties here. Which is nice, I think. I am so sorry for not posting in a while and I have been crazy busy with school and “fun” stuff like that. Now that October is finally here I am hoping I will get to film some Halloween Tutorials for you all because I have found some amazing looks! Oh gosh, off topic again! So anyways I was totally pumped to post this tutorial now that I am done editing it 3 weeks later, but it was supposed to be a voice over GRWM. Only sometimes my computer and editing software hates my guts. And this happens to be one of those times. So I hope you all enjoy this tutorial without the voice over and I will be sure to mention all of the products down below in the description box. Enjoy!

~ The GlossMoppet