GRWM: Halloween 2015

Hey Everyone!

Happy November! I hope your Halloween was as sweet or scary as you wished. So I am a little late on this post but as promised, here is the character I came up with. I decided I wanted something creepy because I was told it isn’t cool to scare kids when I went to work. So I saw this awesome idea of this ventriloquist doll on pintrest and decided to recreate the look. It wasn’t until I got to work did I find out I was a character from Saw. Later I decided to go out with my sister and a little boy stopped mid sentence to say “your from Saw”. That is when I felt super pathetic because the seven year old had seen the movie Saw and I am a junior in high school and have yet to see the movie! So here is my Halloween Look from the movie SAW! Hope you enjoy!

~The GlossMoppet