About Moi!

I LOVE Make Up!

Truth be told, I’ve loved makeup since I learned it existed, by invading my Mom’s work makeup lol 🙂

Here are some basics about me, the Gloss Moppet:

….my favorite holiday is Halloween …

….I love dancing..en’pointe ballet…

…I love studying bacteria and parasites …

…one of my favorite foods is Macaroni & Cheese Pizza..yes, pizza, but I could eat Chinese food for every meal!

I really got into all kinds of makeup in eighth grade…everyday beauty makeup, stage makeup, and special effects makeup. My friends always ask how I do my makeup so I decided to create this blog. Entering High School allowed me to start to practicing on other peoples faces which is really cool for me.

I love to see the beauty inside of people and makeup is just a way to bring that inner beauty out!

I hope you join me as I post makeup tips and tricks for every girl 🙂

little moppet


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