Morphe 35O Review

Morning Loves!!

So today’s post is about my thoughts about the 35o palette as you all can tell from the title. I was finally able to get my hands on one of these a couple months ago. Let me just tell you how much I am in love with it. The palette has warm and a few cool tones so it is perfect for any look. Personally, I like to play with the darker reds and browns in the palette. With 35 colors, just about any look can be created. The shadows are creamy and easily blendable so anyone from beginer to pro can use this palette. If you can get your hands on it, I would strongly recommend owning this palette. Hope this review was helpful.

-The GlossMoppetđź’‹


Morphe 35O Palette Summer Look

Hey Loves!

I hope summer has been kind to everyone since it has only been harsh to me lately. So as you might know, if you follow me on instagram, I had filmed a look with this palette a couple of weeks ago and I was editing it only to find out that the camera didn’t film the entire tutorial. So I decided to film another look with this palette for you all today. I also figured that this would be a simple and fun summer look to recreate since I won’t be able to post a video within the next few weeks since I will be on vacation. Let me know what you think of this look and be sure to tag me when you decide to recreate the look! Happy Summer!!! 🙂

~The GlossMoppet

First Impression:Morphe 35k Palette

Hello Loves!

So I just recently recieved my morphe order and one of the palettes I bought was the Morphe 35k Palette. Let me just start by saying how much I love this palette. This palette is perfect for any cool toned smokey eye. (Which is part of the reason I love it so much!) With 35 different colors in the palette, a look can be created for any skin tone or eye color. The colors range anywhere from cool/medium toned browns to any possible shade of grey. The shadows are creamy and easily blendable.  This particular palette has decient pigmentation depending on if a shimmer or matte shade is used. The reason I say this is because it has a good color pay off but it is not a great one. (I have used worse.) I have found the shimmer shades give the beat color pay off when it is applied wet. If you are hunting for an amazing palette that can be used for almost any season, this is the one for you. I hope this review was helpful.

– The GlossMoppetđź’‹

First Impression: Maybelline Master Concealer

Hello Loves!

Today’s post is going to be a first impression of the new concealer I recently picked up by Maybelline. I was super excited to try this out because I had heard so many good reviews about this product. My first thoughts on this concealer?? I love it. I like how thin and light weight this is and I love how easy it is to blend. This concealer is super creamy and very blendable. The only thing I do not like about this procuct is that there is nothing to apply the concealer with since it comes in a tube. Besides me not likeing to apply concealer with my fingers I do over all love this product for a cream highlighter. If you are hunting for a new cream highlighter, I would strongly recommend this one since it is high quality and affordable.

-The GlossMoppetđź’‹

First Impression: Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is doing well. So I recently picked up the new (well newerish) maybelline dream velvet foundation since I had heard great reviews, and decided to try it out. After my first use I have decided that I have mixed feelings for this foundation. When I applied this, it had a very thick consistancy. It was almost paste like leaving me to feel like the foundation was not light weight at all. It did take a while to blend but I liked that when I applied it, the foundation did not set right away allowing me time to blend it out fully. With the foundation being very thick, it was full coverage and I love that in my foundations. Though it was thick, the foundation did not make my face look cakey (which is always a plus.) After wearing it for a day, I loved how long it has lasted and it did not budge at all. Overall I am not sure if I love this foundation yet. Personaly, I feel that this would be a foundation used during the winter since it is so thick. I would recommend this for people who have oily or combination skin since it does stay matte all day. Hope this review was helpful.

-The GlossMoppetđź’‹

Photography Makeup

Hey Everyone! I recently got a new order from Morphe and decided to play with the 35k palette today since I had to take senior pictures. So I thought it would be helpful to film the look I was doing since it was specifically geared for posing in pictures. Hope this is helpful.

~The GlossMoppet

ABH Contour Kit VS. Kat Von D Shade n Light Palette

Hey Everyone!! 

So in today’s post I decided that I want to compare the difference between the different contour kits created by ABH and Kat Von D. As you know in previous reviews of both of these palettes, I love them both. And if asked, I would probably recommend both. Now that I have used both to almost death, I have decided to compare the two for you all. This post might be helpful if you are looking at both and are not able to quite choose which one you want to purchase. 

I am going to start by reviewing the palette by ABH. Let me just start by saying that this palette is great. There are many different shades for the highlight and contour colors perfect for any skin tone. I like this palette because of how easy the colors are able to blend and how some of the contour colors are also good to use as a bronzer. With this being said, it is my opinion that this palette is better for beginer use since it is easy to blend. This palette is also great if you are heavy handed when applying a bronzy glow or even your contour since the pigments glide on easily.

Now for the shade n light palette. I love this one a little more than the ABH kit because the colors are a little more lighter and pigmented. I feel that this palette is made for people who have a little more expierence with applying their makeup since the colors have a deeper pigmentation and a bit harder to blend in comparing to the ABH kit.

Overall I love both of these palettes, but I feel that the ABH palette is less pigmented but easier to blend than the shade n light palette. I do like the shade n light palette better than ABH because of the pigmentation though it is harder to blend. I hope this was helpful.

-The GlossMoppetđź’‹