Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Hey everyone! So I know I am a little late but I just bought the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and I am so excited about it!  The first thing that surprised me when I opened the box was how good the makeup actually smelled!

I played with the colors for the first time today.  I really loved how each color was so pigmented. It has a lot of wearable shades with a few exotics thrown in for fun. The colors stay on and look great all day long! The only  negative I see is that I don’t like how the company just put the color names on a sheet of plastic instead of on the palette itself, making it annoying to find out the names when I reference them in tutorials, other than that little issue this pallette rocks!

This is the first Too Faced product I’ve  purchased and overall, I was truly satisfied with the results!  If you are hunting for a new palette I think this one is a must.

 Please stay tuned, a tutorial with this awesome new palette is coming very soon! Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a fantastic 2015!



Hey Everyone! I am so excited to share my thoughts on the new Too Faced Palette. So rather recently Too Faced came out with a sequel to the original Chocolate Bar Palette. You can get it online and I think it just hit stores this week. If you read my last review, I explained how much I loved the first one. After trying out the semi sweet palette, I have decided that everyone should own it. The colors were so pigmented and very creamy. Not to mention it smells a little better than the original, and the original smells amazing! When I had gotten the palette last week I was surprised to find in the Semi Sweet Palette the colors had the name on the actual package. This makes me vary happy because it is easy to explain the colors when I am making a video. Some of the colors are slightly different in the second palette from the first but it also houses some of its own colors. If you are hunting for another Palette, this one is a must to add to your collection. Hope you decide to try this palette out and  hope you had a very Happy New Year!

~ the Glossmoppet


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