Morphe 35O Palette Summer Look

Hey Loves!

I hope summer has been kind to everyone since it has only been harsh to me lately. So as you might know, if you follow me on instagram, I had filmed a look with this palette a couple of weeks ago and I was editing it only to find out that the camera didn’t film the entire tutorial. So I decided to film another look with this palette for you all today. I also figured that this would be a simple and fun summer look to recreate since I won’t be able to post a video within the next few weeks since I will be on vacation. Let me know what you think of this look and be sure to tag me when you decide to recreate the look! Happy Summer!!! 🙂

~The GlossMoppet


Photography Makeup

Hey Everyone! I recently got a new order from Morphe and decided to play with the 35k palette today since I had to take senior pictures. So I thought it would be helpful to film the look I was doing since it was specifically geared for posing in pictures. Hope this is helpful.

~The GlossMoppet

2016 Summer Inspired Look

Hello Everyone!

I hope summer has been nice so far for everyone. To kick off the start of summer, I decided to create this fun and bright colored look. I was really excited to create this look since I was ready to play with the oranges in my lorac palette. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to tag me if you recreate this look! (All social media will be in the description box of the video.)

~The GlossMoppet

Easter Inspired Makeup

Hey Everyone!!

I hope spring is treating you right. Since Easter is tomorrow, I decided to create a fun and colorful look to go with the holiday. But since I decided to be crazy with purples, pinks, and blues, I will encourage you to change the shades up if you decide to recreate this look to match up with your eye color and skin tone. I hope you all enjoy this festive look! Happy Easter!!!! 🙂

~The GlossMoppet


Classic Christmas Look

Hey Everyone!

So I just wanted to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to everybody. So if you are anything like me, right now you are on some kind of device on the couch or in my case the bed watching youtube tutorials because you need some kind of inspiration for the seasonal look. I know it might be a little late to be posting a holiday look since Christmas is tomorrow but I am hoping this might spark some ideas for those of you who share my like mind of “I have no idea on the type of look I am going to wear out today.” Weather you have to go out in public or just to see your family, I hope this look is helpful!

~The GlossMoppet


Sultry Winter Inspired Look

Hey Everyone! I hope your weather has not been too mean to you, but mine has been great! 70’s in the winter! I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, I have been crazy busy studying for finals, the I had a show, and on top of that my computer died. (Well, more like completely crashed!) All of this happened, not necessarily in this order, but that is why I have not been able to post. (It really was the computer!) So now that I have a ton of time with it being winter break and the ability to have a key board in my hands, I have quite a few tutorials coming.

I decided to do this look because I was inspired by winter. Like real winter, not my Texas winter weather. I should really stop rambling because I am sure you would rather watch the tutorial than read this. So I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you have any special tutorials you want!

~The GlossMoppet

My “Go To” Look for Fall 2015

Woohoo! Double Post Today!

So I decided that it would rock if I posted 2 tutorials today since I have been out of the blogging world for what feels like Forever! This look has been my go to look for fall because it is my favorite time of the year! I would talk about all of the pretty colors the leaves change only they don’t change color in Texas. They pretty much turn brown and fall off the trees in the winter. But it does get down to the 70’s so we get some decent weather. I swear if I keep talking about how much I like fall we would all be dead by the time the video starts. So now i am going to shut up so you can watch the tutorial for this gorgeous Makeup Look Inspired by Fall!


~The GlossMoppet